Thursday, 20 April 2017

How Bad is Falling Asleep without Brushing Your Teeth?

Now, you might forget about brushing your teeth, or you might actually just fall asleep without doing it. you might think it’s no big deal, but here’s something that’s kind of gross: going to bed without brushing your teeth is like going to bed with poop in your mouth. It makes your time with a Kennewick dentist all the harder, and you might wonder why this is? Well, there are a few reasons for this, and this article will tell you just what is going on.

The first thing you might ask, is “how.” Well, how could that be? Remember that every time you eat, the bacteria in your mouth will feast upon all of the food that you’re eating. Just like every other organism out there, bacteria will excrete waste after a meal, which is in fact highly acidic. This can break down the enamel of a tooth, causing tooth and root decay, along with cavities.

When you go to bed without brushing, the plaque will then harden, and this becomes calcified on the tooth. Once it is calcified, it’s actually a lot harder to get rid of a toothbrush and floss. It’s then only removed by a hygienist during teeth cleaning.

You might think this is gross already, but it can get worse. You might think that it’s just this. Remember, gums see plaque buildup as an infection, so your immune system comes forward and starts to attack it. By attacking this, your body will then destroy the healthy tissues holding the teeth in place, which in turn will cause these to pull away from the tooth as a result of this.  This is inflammation, and while it is good to help protect the body, it causes damage when it’s there for a long time. If you get a cold or flu for example, the inflammation will get rid of the foreign entities to get you back to battery. However, think of it as a sort of chronic flue, which puts extreme wear and tear on the body. It actually has been linked to hearing loss, heart disease, and dementia.

Now, you might wonder if this will all happen in the course of a night. The answer is obviously no, but think of it this way: if you have a habit of not brushing and flossing, this will totally happen over time.

Now, if it comes down to putting yourself to bed, or brushing and flossing, it’s important to brush and floss. It only takes about two minutes to do each day, and it will take off years of pain, and it can even extend your life because you’re not subject to these diseases over time.

But what if you’re too tired to brush before bed? That isn’t really an excuse, and you’ll save yourself a lot of trips to the Kennewick dentist if you do this. The first, is to have a toothbrush by the drawer of your nightstand. Really, you don’t even need toothpaste, but rather you can dry brush while you’re in bed. Get some of that Snap-On sanitizer to keep it clean, and it will definitely be fresh despite no toothpaste. You can even leave a stick here as well, making it easy to floss in one hand while you lie in bed.

Now, run your tongue over your teeth. If you feel plaque, you’ll start to realize how bad this is for you. The longer you let it sit, the worse it’ll be. Start to run your tongue over your teeth to create this habit. You’ll want to have slippery, clean teeth before bed.

Doing this, along with seeing your Kennewick dentist and keeping this in mind, will keep your mouth nice and healthy. Do this, actually make sure that you take the time to maintain this, and from there, you’ll be able to have a much easier, much healthier life. You’ll be able to extend the life of your teeth by years with this and this alone. All of us get tired, all of us are exhausted, but remember that it’s no excuse to keep, especially when you want a healthier and better mouth. 

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